Wow! What a great year so far. Since our beginning in July 2012, Go Eco Phuket has gone from strength to strength.

Throughout the year there have been beach clean-ups Island-wide most notably in Patong in celebration of the King of Thailand's birthday (5th December 2012) and on World Earth Day (22nd April 2013) at Kata Beach.
Then this week it came to our attention that local fishermen had 'lost' a fishing net across one of our favourite Phuket dive sites; Shark Point. Go Eco Phuket members were made aware and the response was totally fantastic! Putting video evidence of the net on our facebook page reached over 40,000 hits and close to 100 shares, plus many appreciated comments from divers and non-divers worldwide. 

The result was that on 12th July 2013 Similan Queen Diving Centre and Sea Bees Diving kindly let volunteer dive professionals join their boats for the day to carefully handle the bringing up of the net. Thankfully some of the net had already been removed but there was still a job to do and it is great credit to all of the volunteer dive professionals and diving companies on Phuket that helped make Shark Point NET FREE once again.

Ultimately we do not want to be responding to these situations where fishing nets are abandoned on Phuket's reefs; we aim to PREVENT it happening in the first place. This is why Go Eco Phuket through Khun Narong Chaimo (Tea) have worked hard this last 12 months to have a more solid relationship with the Thai Governors, Royal Thai Navy, Marine Police, Phuket Marine Biological Centre and the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. Video footage and photographs were collected yesterday to show these VIPs the problems that Phuket's reefs are facing. 

If you would like to help Go Eco Phuket you are most welcome and here is how:-
Volunteers to our events - the next one is 13th August! (like our facebook page for more information)
Donations - Go Eco Phuket are a non-profit organisation relying on donations and we can only keep going as long as we have the funds to do so. Email goecophuket@gmail.com for banking details if you would like to contribute to our projects