PictureGo Eco Phuket teaches local Thais
Go Eco Phuket was never about only cleaning up the reefs and bays around Phuket. From the beginning we also wanted to make a difference to PREVENT debris on our reefs and in our bays, and to improve the water quality around Phuket to allow our reefs to flourish in a healthy state. 
This means Education. 

Thankfully with numerous high-profile Reef & Beach Clean-Ups and consistent support from our member Dive Centres we have been able to raise awareness to the problems that Phuket faces. Most notably the Thai authorities in charge of Phuket's water areas have started to listen and when we said that we wanted to reach out to the local Thais and to educate for the good of Phuket's future we got the go-ahead! Even better, we got their support and from all this, Go Eco Phuket Camp was born!

From November 19th to November 24th a group of local Thais and expats were encouraged to join the Go Eco Phuket Boot Camp which was designed for applicants to receive their full PADI Open Water Course and to learn about the conservation of our marine resources. 

Vice-Governor Sommai Preechasil officially launched the project and expressed official thanks to Go Eco Phuket for organising beach and underwater clean-ups throughout the year that often involved hundreds of people on land and in the sea, collecting garbage. "To collect garbage from underwater has never been done before," she said. "I am glad that Go Eco has started these innovative and generous programmes. It is a good example of activities that give back to society".

So well done to everybody who got involved in this terrific project. All of those involved had a wonderful day and learned a lot. Special thanks to All 4 Diving for providing their swimming pool facilities free of charge to participants and to all dive centres who got involved, all in support of Go Eco Phuket and educating Phuket locals and visitors to make for a better, cleaner Phuket.

Yes we did it again!! 

You may remember our 'Dive Against Debris' Clean Up on 30th September 2012. That was such a huge success and propelled Go Eco Phuket into the eyes of the public. It was a major step in making the Thai authorities notice Go Eco Phuket and was therefore a massive step forward in making us closer to our goals of protecting Phuket and nearby Islands' coast lines.

On 13th August 2013, in honour of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's 81st birthday, Go Eco Phuket and Phuket's Dive Community, supported by the Department of Marine & Coastal Resources and local government bodies joined together in a mass effort to raise the World's awareness of the importance of keeping Phuket's marine and coastal ecosystems clean and debris-free. 

A total of 4.356kg of debris was collected which was a lot less than in 2012 but we can only see this as a good thing. There is less debris in the Ocean! Go Eco Phuket is working to protect Phuket.

Special thanks goes to all those dive centres and individual volunteers that helped make this happen again in 2013. Particularly we would like to mention the sponsors that helped make this happen by providing resources, venues for press conferences and cash to support our cause:

Special thanks also to long-standing supporters of Go Eco Phuket, PHUKET GAZETTE and also to Phuket News for following our developments. You can see their after-event write-ups here:-

Go Eco Phuket in the news... Phuket Gazette
Go Eco Phuket in the news... Phuket News

We're excited to announce that our new dive community has been born. After a series of meetings and discussions PADI dive centres are pulling together.

Our aim is to create a community approach to the problems we're facing on our beautiful island. We believe the dive community can and should play an active role.

By working together we'll establish regular marine debris surveys, organise educational activities and actions and be part of a team sharing the same vision of a healthy ocean.

We're excited to start this new venture! We hope you are too!